Just got this email, this sale is huge! And it’s great since we don’t have a Bloomingdales here in NM. go check it out and let us know if you picked anything up!


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Hello young world

It has been a rough few months, I quit my job and opened my new business so it’s been kinda nuts.

But I’m back and I will be committing time to this blog again. I recently did my first two fashion consults via Skype for some actresses out in LA!

So, let us talk about the holiday season!! Gifts and dressing up and winter fashion! It’s an exciting time around here. I am a boot, sweater, scarf girl which is difficult to enjoy in the desert so I patiently await the two months I can actually wear all of those things together!

I bought 3, yes 3, new pairs of boots this season. Two blacks and brown. I buy my boots at Avenue because I have big calves so it’s hard to fit them in to regular boots. The quality at Avenue has really stepped up over the past few years and boots I bought this year are way nicer and better quality then the ones I purchased from them at the end of last season.

The black ones with the short heel I wear religiously, with everything, work clothes, jeans, hoodies, all of it.

I also am learning to knit to support my scarf addiction. Check out the local knitting community over at

What are your favorite winter fashions?

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So sorry

I’ve been so swamped lately with a huge life change. I will be more dedicated to the blog starting next week. I see people are still coming by and I REALLY appreciate it! I’ll be back on the ball soon!

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So, that Nordstroms sale is going on until the 6th of August!

I got an email today about accessories.

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Nordstrom is having a huge shoe sale!

Here are a few of my faves! Those gold pumps are too cute!

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So, am I the only one who is thrilled that gold and silver have been added to the “neutral” category? Love it!

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Long sleeve top

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen black jacket
$115 –

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No TT but check out my girl Issa Rae, the Awkward Black Girl! LOVE HER!

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We Style You Wednesday!!

Here’s our first one!

A good friend of mine was on the search for a Mint colored blazer under $50.00.

We found quite a few, here are the ones we liked best!

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All under $50 in varying cuts and fabrics!

Now, as soon as she picks one she’s going to send us a foto so you can all see it!

Send in your questions for next week!

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July 10

July 10

Wallis beach dress

Tory Burch hobo handbag

Nude lipstick

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