Don’t trust a big butt and a smile

This morning on KISS 97.3 the morning show’s “theme” was “I loved _____ in the 90’s” and they played the top 10 songs from the 90’s. This was the number 1 song from 1990. Classic.

So, with the resurgence of 90’s fashion what is your favorite 90’s style that’s come back?

What was your favorite in the 90’s?

Here is Complex’s list of the 90 hottest fashion trends of the 90’s.

A few of Hi Tona’s faves:

The Combat boot was HUGE in the 90’s. What we call things always is an indicator of cultural divides. My sister came to see us in Seattle in the 90’s when grunge was at its peak. She purchased a pair of combat boots and called home to tell her mom. Her mom is a Chicana from Roswell and combat sounded like “come back” to her which begged the response, “That’s nice m’ija, now when are you coming back with your “comeback” boots?”

I heard the sweater around the waist was coming back. Any word?

Graphic tee under button up didn’t go out of style…right?

Here’s a list of the style icon’s from 90’s. Who was your favorite?

And here’s the Wiki page on 90’s fashion, you know, in case you’re new.

So let us know your favorites or what you’ve seen around town. And, as always, we are accepting submissions!

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