La Hi Tona LOVES Salma

I am a member of Independent Fashion Bloggers (as you can see by my badge down there in the lower right hand corner). They’re awesome and they’re running this project called, “Who’s Your Muse?”

My style muse is Salma Hayek.

As a Chicana there are very few famous Latinas, in the states, who are Mexicana. And while this may seem to be a small distinction to non-Latinas, internally it is a big deal.

Salma is unabashedly and apologetically Mexicana. From her accent and style to her willingness to grow a unibrow to play one of our original style icons.



She has grown, as a woman, an artist, and style icon over the past 20 years. She has embraced her age, wisdom, grace and beauty throughout this time and has never compromised, or at least never has appeared to, who she is.

Her choice to be mother at 40 years old was an inspiration to a generation of Latinas who realized that the options are endless, and just because you’re not a mother by 30 doesn’t mean that you’ll never be one. And by becoming a mother she has become, whether she wanted to or not, a role model for breastfeeding mothers around the world.


Salma has never shied away from political activism as an actress, no, instead she has moved toward it and toward using her place in this world to let other people be heard.

She has proven herself as an actress, encompassing differing roles, from the dramatic to the comedic, all the while putting the role first regardless of appearances.


She is flawless in her presentation, classy, refined, fun and culturally expressive.Without ever having to be overtly sexual, apologetic or “trendy”.

Salma redefined beauty in the USA with her dark hair, golden skin and the curves! She gave millions of Latinas, and women in general, a style icon and she is most definitely mine.

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5 thoughts on “La Hi Tona LOVES Salma

  1. She’s absolutely stunning! Great choice, also thanks for entering my giveaway dear (:

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  3. Yes….Salma is such a great inspiration, not just for her fashion sense but because she did change the landscape of what Hollywood considers as sexy.

  4. gorgeous woman!

  5. I love her, and I love that she’s sexy without ever seeming to feel uncomfortable with herself.

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