From the Land of Enchantment to la Isla del Encanto.

You know the drill, play the video then scroll down.

This past weekend was the infamous Puerto Rican Day Parade in NYC. Where they have more Boricua’s then the isla does.

I couldn’t find a lot of great pictures like years before but here’s a few.


Puerto Ricans are some proud ass people! Que viva Puerto Rico!

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Hi Tona Agua

Sientes como tap water is never quite…enough? Like, you’re a little bit better than luke warm blah? Well, since the Hi-Tone stopped drinking soda a few weeks ago I have been making fancy water. This involves the following:

1 Pitcher
2-3 bags of green or mint tea whatever kind of tea you like.
1/2 a cucumber, peeled and sliced
Some kind of fruit. I prefer a tangelo, melon is good too.

I put about a cup of hot water in with the tea and let it steep for a few minutes then I put everything else on top and fill the pitcher up.

Cool, refreshing, great for summer and good substitute for soda or juices.

Que tenga un buen dia!

-La Hi Tona

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