So, am I the only one who is thrilled that gold and silver have been added to the “neutral” category? Love it!

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Please excuse the changes while I figure out Polyvore and the best way to present it on the blog. Does anyone use ASOS?



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Who wore it best?

It’s fair to say that The Duchess and Kimmy K. have rather differing styles. Fair to say. So, how the both ended up in the same red, pleated Alexander McQueen dress is beyond me. Other then, you know, it’s super cute.

Check out the link to the Global Grind look book and tell us: Who wore it best?


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We’re new here!!!


I felt like esta pagina fuera necessary. If you’re here you love fashion. Sweet. But you’re probably a New Mexican which means fashion, very often, means your high fashion is your good jeans.

Since we’re brand new we can be anything we want and nothing is more important than you, the reader. We want to keep you coming back so, please, tell us what you want to see! Feel free to comment here or email us at hi_tona@yahoo.com. You can also like our Facebook Page and leave comments there about what you’d like to see.

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