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Long sleeve top

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen black jacket
$115 –

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July 10

July 10

Wallis beach dress

Tory Burch hobo handbag

Nude lipstick

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Pierre Cardin Bag

Pierre Cardin Bag

Rare London high neck dress
£46 –

American Apparel vintage style watch
$275 –

Elizabeth Cole gold jewelry
$165 –

Blue Nile 14 karat gold earrings
$126 –

Lanvin wide brim hat
$1,725 –

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Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Neon pink dress
€100 –

Joseph cropped jacket
$462 –

Gucci high heel
$585 –

Aventurine jewelry

Aldo jewelry
$12 –

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Throwback Thursday

We’re back again people! Everyone’s favorite day of the week on Hi Tona…THROWBACK THURSSDAAAYYYY!

Go ahead, play the song, you know you want to.

Today’s Throwbackee is my good friend who will remain anonymous until I get her approval.

As you can see here on the right we have my friend in this fabulous foto from circa 1993. I’m a huge fan of the those little side curls and lets not get started on that Pendleton jacket and the turtleneck. All in all, she was styling and profiling in the early 90’s and in case you don’t realize it scroll back up and watch that video.

Now, my favorite thing about my friend’s style really is her hair. She has an ability to wear her hair short and really pull it off. And even though she has short hair she plays with clothing in a way that never comes across incredibly masculine even when she’s wearing menswear. I think it’s a unique ability to walk that line so closely and come off the wire always looking well put together and cohesive.

Here you see her in the rarely seen but oh-so-awesome short suit combo with delicate top and a tie. And in the following fotos a range of hair lengths, all above the shoulder, and outfits that range from some sort of vacation in the 60’s, to 50’s housewife, to a comfortable combination of mens blazer and a tulip edged shirt.

Here is a woman who has found a style that fits her and she’s comfortable with but it never means that her style is not progressing or evolving.

I think she said it best herself, “Still boldly taking pages out of men’s style books and making them her own.”

Enjoy your Thursday and take risks with your fashion, it’s only one day of trying something new, if it doesn’t work there is always tomorrow.

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Hey everyone! Just got an email that all clearance items at Newport News are an additional 80% off until 12 noon tomorrow. This means $3.00 jeans, $1 belts and those awesome suede boots down there are only $30!

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Bloomingdale’s is having a 12 hour special (you’ve only got 11 and a half left) on shoes, bags and accessories. It’s only a select few so click on the LINK to go see them!

Here’s a look at some of our faves!

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Hi Tona is now a KarmaLoop Rep!

Hey! Are you familiar with I discovered them about 4 years ago when I wanted a TITS shirt (long before there was a TITS website)

Karmaloop carries really great things like Betsey Johnson, Jack Dakota, Crooks and Castle, Married to the Mob, they have a vintage section (I bought a great poncho there last winter).

We recently became Karmaloop reps and that means savings for all you readers out there! The first time you purchase you get 20% off if you use our Rep Code and every time after that you can save 10%! What a deal right! OUR REP CODE IS: HITONA

So, right now they’re having a great SALE (Click There) to save LOTS of money! Everything in the slideshow below is on sale!!!

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New Skirt

New Skirt

Vince black tank top
$95 –

Pure Simple draped skirt
$55 –

Giuseppe Zanotti leather sandals
$488 –

Hermès crocodile bag

1928 silver jewelry
$36 –

Lodis wide elastic belt
$58 –

Blue eyeshadow
$3.95 –

Beauty product

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Breakfast meeting

Breakfast meeting

Alice Olivia chiffon top
$79 –

Missoni wide leg pants
$177 –

Rupert Sanderson high wedge
$785 –

Balenciaga handbag
$2,045 –

Alice Olivia belt
$97 –

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