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Everyone’s favorite day of the week!

So after seeing that awesome clutch in last weeks throwback I found this one

At Barrett Attic, a thrift store on Lomas and Washington, for $5 and it’s real leather!

Ok moving on.

Here’s your TT video:

and here is your picture

This is Hi Tona and her best friend Jess back in middle school. I know, you’re thinking, “WTF! She’s running this blog, crap!” But there’s hope. You gotta have faith. It all works out in the end. Ugly ducklings become swans and little girls who wear boy clothes grow up to women with some sense of style.

I’d like to point out that Hi Tona (in the 2nd picture) still wearing a man’s shirt just with a little more grace and a lot more style.

Happy Thursday!

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Good morning!

So I wanted to start your mornings off with a song but I stumbled upon this and had to share!

I have always been a “big bag” lady but lately I am loving clutches. I think they’re great. I’m actually going to try to DIY an over sized clutch soon. Maybe this weekend if I make it to the fabric store or the thrift store (I saw this awesome dress in the window on my way to work. I’d never wear IT but would willingly turn it into some other awesome stuff that I would use)

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Thanks to the The Thrift Shopper I found a list of all the thrift shops here in Burque.

Click here to see them.

Have you ever checked out any of these places? Which is your favorite?

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