What is “hi-tona”?

Urban Dictionary defines the word “Hi-Tone” as:

“The state which something or someone is in when they have reached the coolest of cool.”

Usage: “Man, I love what you have done with that ’49 mercury, it is hi-tone.”

I would agree with that definition but I’d also add a number two:

2. Acting better than, superior to or snobby. Upper crust.

Usage: “Look at the way she dresses, she’s all hi-tona.”

“Hi-Tona” was a word I heard around the house growing up when I was being a brat and a word that crossed my mind a few weeks ago when I was wearing a neon pink dress with my awesome “lady gaga” sunglasses.


2 thoughts on “What is “hi-tona”?

  1. oh my gosh, I love this. Cheers to hi-tona everyday!

  2. ha perfect explanation

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